Silencing Foursquare updates in Facebook

Lately my Facebook news feed has been overrun by updates from people playing the game Foursquare.  It's a game where people use their iPhones, Android phones, etc., to "check-in" at various restaurants, bars, hotels, car dealerships, movie theaters, and basically anywhere.

While they're playing the game, your friends can push their check-ins as status updates on Facebook to tell people where they've been.  That's why you've started seeing all those "So-and-so just checked-in @ such-and-such" messages in your Facebook news feed.

The trouble is, when you have a friend or two that love checking-in, you start getting lots and lots of status updates from them.  Kinda like the old days when you saw tons of status updates about your friends harvesting corn, or selling horses, or whatever else someone does on Farmville.

I took things into my own hands and silenced all those "updates" so that I could get back to seeing updates that people actually type in.

You can silence Foursquare too, and here's how.  By the way, this tip works for any Facebook app that starts to blow out your news feed.  You can use it for Gowalla, Frontierville, Twitter or anything else.

Roll your mouse over any Foursquare status update, you'll see a little grey X appear in the upper right hand corner.

Click that X and the status message will turn into a list of action that you can take on it:

If you're like me and don't want to see Foursquare postings, click the "Hide Foursquare" option:

That's it!  You won't see Foursquare updates anymore, from this friend, or any others.  Excellent.

A few of you out there with commitment issues (you know who you are) are probably thinking, "but what if I want to start playing Foursquare in the future, then I might want to see updates."  Good news, there's an easy way to turn them back on.

Scroll down to the bottom of your news feed page and you'll see some options:

Click the "Edit Options" text.

You'll see a pop up with two tabs.  One for the friends you've silenced (shhh, don't tell 'em) and one for applications like Foursquare.

Click the "Add To News Feed" option and you'll start seeing all the Foursquare updates you can handle.

That's it, you're back on.

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