What kind of computer should I buy?

I get the question all the time about what computer to buy, I guess because I work in the tech sector and people think that I actually know something about computers.

For me, the average computer user should almost always buy a Mac. The things people do at home today, email, web surfing, listening to music, can all be done on a Mac. So there are really only two questions I need to ask:

Question 1: Is there a specific piece of software that is only available on Windows?
Answer a: No -> Buy a Mac
Answer b: I don't know -> Buy a Mac
Answer c: Yes -> Buy a Windows PC

For the average computer user (e.g., my mom) I don't think it's practical to use a Windows emulator. It just complicates the situation, so for the few people that need a Windows only application, I always tell 'em to get a Windows PC.

Question 2: Is price a big deal?
Answer a: No -> Buy a Mac
Answer b: Yes -> Probably buy a Mac

This is really a trick question. At the end of the day buying a Mac probably isn't more than a few hundred dollars more expensive, and then the real question is what's the value of the buyers time? If I added up all the time I've spent troubleshooting issues on PC's (including my own), e.g., wireless connectivity, blue screen, etc., and put a dollar value to it, I probably could have bought not only a Mac, but probably Apple Computer Inc. itself.

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